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We have been providing services to small and large businesses in the most important legal areas for many years. Establishing companies, acquisitions of enterprises or shares and ongoing corporate services for business entities have no secrets for us. Our experience is confirmed by numerous legal proceedings in which we participated or still participate:

  • we advise on the establishment and liquidation of commercial law companies, taking into account various configurations and relationships between partners;
  • we restructure and optimize the legal forms of operating companies and other entities;
  • we support our clients in the field of corporate, formal and legal aspects of their operations by creating a legal framework for corporate projects and by participating in shareholders' meetings or general meetings of shareholders;
  • we render ongoing legal services both for companies and individual entrepreneurs;
  • for our clients, we develop a legal framework for on-line stores they run and support them in matters related to e-commerce and consumer rights;
  • we advise on matters concerning unfair competition.


Any business’ operations are based on well-prepared contracts, regardless of whether they relate to your contractors, employees or associates. The contracts we prepare are clear and diligently secure your interests. We prepare thousands of contracts, in particular the following ones:

  • investment agreements, including those related to starting business by start-ups and obtaining funds;

  • contracts for the acquisition, implementation and support of IT devices and systems, e.g. for the banking and telecommunications sectors;

  • agreements on intellectual property rights regarding computer programs, technical solutions as well as research and development works and patents;

  • managerial contracts and employment contracts at various levels of management;

  • real estate agreements –– sales, rent and lease.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property law is one of the most important aspects of the modern market and one of the basic areas of our operations. We know how important it is to properly secure your work and protect it against infringements. Our clients include companies implementing large modern technologies and R&D projects. We gained experience in this area, including the following:

  • we have drawn up several hundred contracts for the transfer of proprietary copyrights or the licensing of computer programs, visual works, technological solutions and inventions;

  • we advised in numerous proceedings for granting public procurement in the field of IT;

  • in particular regarding implementation projects.


Unfortunately, not every dispute can be resolved amicably. For many years, we have represented the interests of our clients before Polish courts. We are trustworthy, which prove numerous successfully completed litigations including:

  • numerous payment procedures, including cases of significant value in dispute;

  • dozens of proceedings related to the liability of a member of the management board of a limited liability company, conducted both from the point of view of the creditor and the defendant member of the management board;

  • disputes between partners, including proceedings for the resolutions of companies and other entities to be declared null and void or repealed;

  • property disputes, regarding ownership, terms of use and settlements between co-owners.

Public Procurement

Participating in tenders organised by public institutions is an important part of business run by many of our clients. We advise in on-going contacts with an ordering party and in developing action strategies for a given proceeding. We also prepare consortium establishing documents. In this area, we can boast of the following achievements:

  • we developed several dozen consortium agreements, and resolved disputes between consortium members;

  • we advised in numerous proceedings for granting public procurement in the field of IT, in particular regarding implementation projects.

Personal Data Protection

Issues related to the protection of personal data are more and more significant in every entrepreneur’s operations. Legal protection in this respect will gain in importance due to the continuous evolution of legal provisions, including European law. We know what your company needs in this area because:

  • we have developed dozens of contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data to both Polish and foreign entities, including to those operating in non-EU countries;

  • we have drawn up many regulations related to the administration and sharing of personal data;

  • we have resolved disputes related to the use of our clients' personal data.

Business criminal cases

An inseparable part of any business operation is the risk of facing criminal law. We are able to protect your interests when you interact with law enforcement agencies, before courts or when you have to deal with dishonest contractors. We act not only as defenders, but also as representatives of victims or as auxiliary prosecutors. We know how important it is to supervise such proceedings and care for their course, because:

  • we represented our clients in dozens of preparatory and court proceedings in the field of criminal and criminal tax law;

  • we have brought charges to the perpetrators of crimes committed to the detriment of our clients.

Private lawyer

We know how you appreciate your comfort in various areas of life, not just in business. We can take care of your private legal issues because:


  • we conducted dozens of proceedings for divorce and division of marital assets;

  • we regulated the legal status of real estate, including by conducting usucaption cases or by reconciliating the content of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status;

  • we successfully conducted disputes about the protection of personal rights;

  • we supported our clients in regulating inheritance issues.


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